Tales from Shakespeare Lamb Charles and Mary

Tales from Shakespeare - Lamb Charles and Mary
Автор: Lamb Charles and Mary
Издательство: Penguin, 2005 г.
Серия: Penguin Popular Classics
  • Редактор-составитель: Макаганюк Геннадий Кириллович
  • Дизайн: Балашевич Степан Трофимович
  • Оформитель: Илоев Ермолай Эдуардович
  • Страниц: 351
  • Формат: pdf, txt, fb2

О книге "Tales from Shakespeare"
This famous retelling of twenty of Shakespeare's plays by Charles and Mary Lamb has delighted generations of adults as well as children and provides entertaining and informative
introductions to these great works. Using prose to simplify plot and language but incorporating
some of the original speeches, the Lambs remained sensitive to the original plays, brilliantly re-creating characters and action. From the overpowering drama of Hamlet and Macbeth to the
engaging wit of The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night, Shakespeare's best-known tragedies and comedies are brought vividly to life.
Издание полностью на английском языке.
Полный, неадаптированный текст произведения. Книга онлайн Tales from Shakespeare Lamb Charles and Mary.

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